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A very popular model of Steriline starting gates

The silver model Steriline Racing starting gate has been used by many clubs over the years and is still in use after decades.

The functionality and reliability of this starting gate is consistent with the high standard that is expected of Steriline equipment.

Used throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, this model provides the most important feature of a starting gate, an even start every time.

The Steriline starting gate silver model comes with all the Steriline standard Features & Benefits including:

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In the past fifteen years there has never been an incident at the start which could be attributed to this product.

Graham Loch,
Ex-Chairman of Stewards, Thoroughbred Racing SA

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Solid safety divisions

Each division panel between the stalls is solid galvanised steel covered with the Steriline high density safety padding, thus providing a safe barrier between each horse.

Durable structure

The truss and frame of the starting gate is made from high quality galvanised steel which provides strength while minimising weight. This part of the structure of the gate also contributes to providing a reliable start by ensuring there is no sagging in the structure.

Racing Surface Protection

Specially designed dual tyres on the Steriline gates help to spread the weight of the gate which reduces compaction of the racing surface whilst ensuring the gates are sturdy enough to not tip over.


Steriline Racing starting gates can be manufactured with any number of stalls ranging from four stalls to twenty five stalls in one set of barriers. Alternatively two sets of starting gates can be connected to operate simultaneously. For detailed dimensions contact us today.

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