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Greyhound Safety Rail

Customise our greyhound racing safety rails for your track.

Steriline Racing designs, manufactures, installs and services greyhound racing safety rails for the greyhound racing industry in Australia and around the world.

Safe, reliable and durable

Steriline Racing’s greyhound racing safety rails are suitable for all tracks.

Design options include:

  • white or clear safety rail
  • various fixing attachments to enable the rail to be mounted on existing posts or installed into the ground
  • various post designs to provide flexibility combined with unimpeded views of the race.

Our safety rail is flexible and aims to reduce the number and severity of injuries to greyhounds on the track.

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Innovative products

We work collaboratively with the racing industry to deliver high quality, innovative products using the latest technologies.

It is this culture of innovation that makes Steriline Racing stand out from its competitors. Some of our innovative products include:

  • a flexible greyhound racing safety rail
  • a clear rail to enable the public and video camera operators to have a better view of the greyhounds racing around the track.

Customer support

Steriline Racing’s specialist service technicians can provide training in the installation and maintenance of our greyhound safety rails. We offer regular service visits to our customers and a range of spare parts.

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It is our expectation that this design will ultimately constitute the national standard

Matt Corby,
Chief Executive Officer Greyhound Racing SA Ltd