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Training Gates

Train and familiarise your horses with race day training gates.

Steriline Racing designs, manufactures, installs and services training gates for the horse racing industry in Australia and around the world.

Steriline Racing training gates provide trainers with the best opportunity to familiarise horses with race day starting gates.

Safe, reliable and durable

Steriline Racing’s training gates provide an optimal training environment that is safe for horses.

Stall sizes and configurations

Steriline Racing’s training gates are available in various stall sizes and configurations to suit the specific requirements of trainers.

Our design options include:

  • moveable training gates that can be located at different positions and
    can be stored in a shed
  • fixed or ground-mounted training gates that can be located near stables or in a chute or close to the racetrack
  • wider walk-through stalls without front or back gates to help familiarise horses with entering stalls
  • different stall widths.

Safety padding

Steriline Racing’s training gates have our standard safety padding:

  • on each division panel inside the stalls
  • above the entry and exit to each stall, for incidents of horses rearing up
  • the bottom of each back gate to protect against horses kicking out
  • below each front gate to deter horses from exiting under the gates.

Additional safety padding is available.

Emergency exit from the stalls

Safety features include:

  • each stall has an independent and manually-operated release for opening the front gates of a stall in the event of an emergency
  • the back gates have an emergency release mechanism for fast opening.

Customer support

Our specialist service technicians can provide training in the operation and maintenance of Steriline Racing training gates.

We offer regular service visits to our customers and a range of spare parts. Contact us today for all your maintenance and servicing needs.

Testimonial Image

Using the Steriline training gate has dramatically assisted our training and retraining operation with racehorses.

Andrew McLean,
Australian Equine Behaviour Centre