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Recalls & Warning Systems

Activate an alert in the event of a false start with recalls and warning systems

Steriline Racing provides recall units and warning systems to alert jockeys and racetrack staff in the event of a false start.

We offer a portable recall unit and a fixed warning system.

Our recalls and warning systems are:

  • easily visible with a flashing light
  • clearly audible with a loud siren
  • extremely reliable with a unique secure character recognition code to avoid interference from equipment in the area
  • of robust construction so the unit can be transported around the track to each start position
  • fitted with an adjustable tripod so the unit can be positioned at an appropriate height
  • able to be solar powered.
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Customer support

Our specialist service technicians can provide support and advice in the use and maintenance of our recall units and warning systems.

We offer regular service visits to our customers and a range of spare parts. Simply click here to contact us.

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