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Greyhound Starting Boxes

Make all your race starts fast, quiet and reliable with Steriline’s greyhound racing starting boxes.

Steriline Racing design, manufacture, install and service starting boxes for the greyhound racing industry.

Our greyhound racing starting boxes are used by greyhound racing clubs in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East.

Safe, reliable and durable products

Steriline Racing’s starting boxes provide the safest and most reliable start to each race.

Our starting boxes provide a fast, quiet and even start to each race through the use of pneumatics and mechanical components.

Our unique pneumatic opening and closing front door system:

  • reduces the risk of injuries to greyhounds when loading into the starting boxes
  • provides a reliable and even start so the dogs exit the boxes safely.

Our starting boxes include:

  • a proximity switch system that connects the operation of the lure with the opening
  • a manual start back-up system for opening.
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Innovative designs

We work collaboratively with the racing industry to develop high quality, innovative products using the latest technologies. Read our track record here.

It is this culture of innovation that makes Steriline Racing stand out from its competitors. Some of our innovations include the design and manufacture of:

  • a proximity switch system that connects the operation of the lure with the opening of the greyhound racing boxes
  • a pneumatic opening and closing greyhound racing box that meets work health and safety standards and provides a reliable start for each race.

Customer support

Steriline Racing’s specialist service technicians can provide training in the operation and maintenance of our greyhound racing starting boxes.

We offer regular service visits to our customers and a range of spare parts, so please contact the experts at Steriline Racing today.

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The Steriline starting boxes are the pride of the European greyhound racing sport ... the Steriline starting boxes work perfectly.

Zdenek Grondol,
Greyhound Company, Inc. Czech Republic
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