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Winning Posts

Steriline winning posts finish ahead of the rest

The Australian Turf Club, Brisbane Racing Club, South Australian Jockey Club, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club have all taken advantage of uniquely promoting their racecourse and their sponsors at the critical point in the race when everyone is watching.

A unique finish to your racetrack can generate revenue for your club, increasing premium sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Winning Posts with Superior Safety

As with all products manufactured by Steriline, safety is paramount. Products are manufactured to meet or exceed the latest Australian safety standards and requirements, and it is this continued commitment to safety that makes the Steriline products some of the safest on the track.

Providing additional safety, the Steriline winning posts can have a built-in fall arrestor. This provides permanent safe access to remove the photo finish camera as required. This safety feature:

  • meets with workplace safety requirements, and;
  • minimizes the risk of injury.
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Dependable Winning Posts

We are well known for the reliability and longevity of our products, and this product upholds those values. We follow our stringent manufacturing processes, ensuring you have a product that lasts to the finish.

Structural Integrity

A key feature of the Steriline winning posts is the stability of the structure. The design and quality of material used ensure stability. The structure is stable enough to cope with wind loadings and avoid vibration, ensuring the photo finish camera provides an accurate and reliable photo finish for each race.

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Unique Winning Posts

The engineering and manufacturing principles for each design are consistent, however, we understand the importance of being unique. Each design is created differently, showcasing the specific location, race club, sponsors and branding as required by the customer. We understand that the finish of a race not only determines the winner but is a great opportunity to advertise to the public and create a lasting image of your club and sponsors.

Increased Revenue

With the ability to incorporate digital or fixed advertising screens within a design, the opportunity to increase sponsorship is endless. Creating a premium advertising and sponsorship opportunity, which can be changed for each race, increases race club sponsorship opportunities and advertising revenue.

Flexible Design

The Steriline winning posts have a flexible modular design or can also accommodate unique structural designs. If a modular design is chosen the size option (length) can be built to fit the requirements of your racecourse. It also allows for additional panels to be added in the future if required. Decorative features of the winning post can be tailored to suit the atmosphere and style of your racecourse.

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That continued research and development that Steriline do….produce winning posts that work really well

Brenton Wilkinson,
Previous Chief Executive Officer, South Australian Jockey Club
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Winning Post Models

Even though each winning post that is manufactured is designed uniquely to suit the branding and style of the club and their sponsors, there are two main models to consider. Customers have the option of a hydraulically operated fold down winning post or a static winning post. Depending on their requirements, once this choice is made the real design commences, ensuring a unique finish that clearly identifies their track to the world.

Many race clubs will choose both models, using a static version at the inner track, and the hydraulic fold down version for the main track. This then enables the club to have consistency no matter which track they race on.

Hydraulic Fold Down Winning Post

Steriline developed a folding winning post which provides racecourses with both the practicality of an uninterrupted view across two racetracks and that all-important impressive finish.

The folding winning post is easy to operate with push button activation. The lower and rise of the winning post is hydraulically operated and takes approximately 2 minutes to completely lower or raise. With this functionality, it is easy to use multiple tracks for racing.

Static Winning Post

Steriline has designed and manufactured several static winning posts. These winning posts all meet with the required standards and regulations and can either be a mirror image of a fold down version or a unique standalone design.

Designs can vary from a single standalone tower to large modular structures and even circular designs. Each design reflects the racecourse, but most importantly meets the structural requirements to cope with wind loadings and vibration, ensuring a perfectly captured finish every time.

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Consistent Responsiveness


Steriline is well known for working with customers and the continuous support they provide for the life of their products. Specialized Steriline Technicians can provide training for your staff in the safe operation and maintenance of their products, along with an annual service or inspection to ensure continuous performance. We are always readily available with troubleshooting advice, product manuals, and spare parts. Contact us today to find out more.


Steriline leads the industry with reliable product innovation, working with customers to achieve desired outcomes. We have a proven track record of over 50 years in the industry demonstrating our commitment to working with the industry into the future. We are always looking forward to producing intelligent solutions using the latest technologies.

Steriline has proven to be the innovator the industry looks to:

  • Designing and manufacturing the first hydraulically operated fold down winning post
  • Implementing digital screens into the winning post for advertising
  • Manufacturing unique designs of winning posts to promote clubs
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