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The latest model of Steriline starting gates

This starting gate model is quickly becoming popular among race clubs around the world with the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Victoria Racing Club, Australian Turf Club (among many others) all using this model.

The revolutionary back gate design provides faster, safer and easier loading of the horses into the gates.

With the gates the way they have actually designed them as a funnel effect, it is more inviting for a horse to go in.

Darren Beadman, Champion Jockey

The Platinum Steriline starting gates have all the standard Steriline Features & Benefits and also exclusively include:

Spring lock back gate mechanism & safety release handle

Platinum spring lock back gatesSafer and easier loading of the horses into the stalls with progressive locking back gates, reducing injuries and incidents when loading the horses. The easy to use release handle allows expedited opening of the back gates in case of emergency.

Fully padded back gates

Improved protection for horse, jockey and handlers with the entire back gate padded with Steriline safety padding. This offers a level of protection when loading the horses, and from inside the stall, that has not been seen before.

Access Steps & Pull Up Handles

All Steriline starting gates provide easier and safer access into the stalls than ever before, reducing workplace safety risks for handlers.

Wider opening funnel style back gates

The back gates are designed to open wider than any other back gates on a starting gate. This design encourages horses to enter the stalls which:

  • Provides easier and faster loading of horses into the stalls;
  • Reduces incidents during loading of the stalls and in the stalls;
  • Minimes delays and scratching’s at the gate;
  • And ensures each race can start on time.

Tapered entry platforms

More inviting entry into the stalls, keeping horses calmer and making the loading of the starting stalls easier, reducing scratching’s at the starting gate.

The new Steriline stalls are more accessible for handlers; any horse is better situated with the widening of the opening of the stalls.

Lindsay Murphy, General Manager Racecourses, Australian Turf Club