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Choose the ultimate in starting gate safety and design

Steriline Racing, starting gate world-class designer, has been manufacturing quality starting gates for the horse racing industry in Australia and around the world for decades.

When you choose a set of Steriline Racing starting gates, you are starting with the best.

Proof of the reliability of the Steriline starting gates is in the number of gates used throughout the world by prominent racing clubs like,

 We went to Steriline purely because they are a world-renowned company.We wanted the best (starting gates) and we got them.

Quote by Mick Goodie, Past Senior Racecourse Manager, Melbourne Cup, Victoria Racing Club, Flemington, Australia

Steriline Starting Gates First Class Safety

Our starting gates provide the safest experience for jockeys, handlers and horses. Safety is a priority in Steriline starting gates and through independent testing and research, we lead the field with safe starting gates.

Starting Gate Safety Padding

Steriline starting gate padding is 3 times more effective at absorbing impact than any other starting gate, as independently tested by Bridgestone Laboratory. Therefore with Steriline starting gates;

  • starting stall paddingthe number of starting stall injuries is reduced
  • the severity of starting stall injuries are minimized
  • there is less scratching’s at the starting barriers
  • it is quieter inside the starting barriers, keeping horses calmer
  • Jockeys, Handlers and Horses have the ultimate protection inside the starting barriers

All Steriline starting gates include our high-performance safety padding for:

  • Each division panel inside the starting stalls
  • Above the entry and exit to each stall, for incidents of horses rearing up
  • The bottom of each back gate to protect against horses kicking out
  • Below each front gate to deter horses from exiting under the gates

 Additional safety padding is available.

Emergency Exit from the Starting Stalls

  • Each stall of the starting gate incorporates an independent hand release for opening the front gates of an individual stall in the event of an emergency.
  • The back gates include an emergency release design for expedient opening even against the weight of a horse.

Dependable starts with Steriline Starting Gates

 Electric Starts

Steriline starting gates have the option to include an operating system that is electrically activated from a push button at one end of the starting gate. This is the starting system of choice, used exclusively on more than 50 sets of starting gates in the United Kingdom. 

Mechanical Components

All front and back gates on Steriline starting gates are operated by mechanical components, providing a consistent, reliable start for each race. Using mechanical components;

  • Eliminates false starts that can occur with hydraulic and other front & back gate systems
  • Provides a manual start back up for all starting barriers
  • Prevents gate opening malfunction through self-aligning catches and hinges

Structural Integrity

Steriline starting gates are manufactured from high-grade steel to increase strength without adding weight. The entire starting gate steel structure is galvanised or zinc coated and additionally protected with a high adhesion abrasive resistant twin pack paint or a powder coated system most usually in a white colour.

Consistency with Steriline Starting Gates


Specialised Steriline Technicians can provide training for your staff in the safe operation and maintenance of the starting barriers, along with an annual service to ensure the starting barriers continue to outperform. We are always readily available with troubleshooting advice and spare parts.


We have a proven track record of over 50 years in the industry demonstrating our commitment to working with the industry into the future. We are always looking forward to producing intelligent solutions using the latest technologies. Steriline has proven to be the innovator the industry looks to:

  • Building the first trailer starting gate for movement around New Zealand
  • Manufacturing the World’s largest starting gate for the Melbourne Cup
  • Designing the revolutionary spring lock back gate system making loading the starting stalls faster, easier and safer than ever before

Life Cycle

Steriline starting gates have been in use at many racetracks around the world for more than 10 years, providing a cost-effective solution over the life cycle of the starting gate. In many cases, prominent race clubs will sell their old gates to smaller clubs, and they are still in use long after 10 years, and Steriline Racing is still here to support them.

Your contribution to horseracing is underestimated as, by securing a fair start to all runners through your excellent product, you have brought an end to countless false starts.

Quote by Khalid Rawat, Deputy General Manager, Mauritius Turf Club