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Choose the ultimate in safety for horses, jockeys and handlers.

Steriline Racing is the leading designer and manufacturer of starting gates for the horse racing industry in Australia and around the world.

Safe, reliable and durable products

Safety Padding

DSC03336Steriline Racing’s starting gates have high performance safety padding:

  • on each division panel inside the stalls
  • above the entry and exit to each stall
  • on the bottom of each back gate
  • below each front gate

Additional safety padding is available.

Access Steps & Pull Up Handles

Steriline Racing’s starting gates have access steps and pull-up handles for safe and easy access into the stalls.

Emergency Exit from the Starting Stalls

Each stall has an independent release mechanism for opening the front and back gates in the event of an emergency.

Optional Features

  • Hydraulic steering
  • Battery-powered steering
  • 90 degree steering
  • Remote control start system
  • Magnetic stall numbers
  • Sponsorship sign
  • Connectivity to another starting gate
  • Starting gate mounted toolbox
  • Spare parts package
  • Starter's stand
  • Starter's catwalk.

Innovative designs

We work collaboratively with the racing industry to develop high quality, innovative products using the latest technologies.

It is this culture of innovation that makes Steriline Racing stand out from its competitors. Some of our innovations include the design and manufacture of:

  • the first trailer-gate for New Zealand
  • the largest starting gate in the world: a 25 stall starting gate for Flemington Racecourse
  • a revolutionary spring-lock back gate system that allows horses to be loaded into the stalls safer, faster and easier.

Customer support

Steriline Racing’s specialist service technicians can provide training in the operation and maintenance of our starting gates.

We offer regular service visits to our customers and a range of spare parts.

Your contribution to horseracing is underestimated as, by securing a fair start to all runners through your excellent product, you have brought an end to countless false starts.

Khalid Rawat
Deputy General Manager
Mauritius Turf Club