Steward's Towers - horse racing

To provide optimum visibility while maximising your risk management … the choice is Steriline Racing steward’s towers.

StewardSteriline Racing's steward towers are used on thoroughbred and trotting tracks in every state of Australia.

Their “heritage’ and customised designs have been developed with the collaboration of racetrack administrators, stewards and camera operators.

Our priority always being to focus on towers that:

  • Exceed all relevant building codes for the country concerned – including wind loadings to cyclonic levels.
  • Address the many rigourous demands imposed by occupational health and safety (OH&S) requirements to maximise effective risk management.
  • Provide optimum visibility for both stewards and cameramen.
  • Have ease of access, especially when equipment (including cameras) needs to be carried up and down.
  • Provide substantial floor space for more comfortable and practical race day use.
  • Contribute to the appearance of the racetrack and the image it presents.
  • Can be ideally located without interfering with racegoers’ visibility, track side access and safety.
  • Are highly stable and durable.

Steriline Racing can also work closely with any club that wishes to install a unique stewards tower that will present its very own and distinctive architecture. Just as we did recently for The Royal Randwick racecourse.

Large Stewards Tower model.

Image stewards_tower_09.jpg Image stewards_tower_10.jpg


Standard "Camera/Steward" Stewards Tower model.

Image stewards_tower_11.jpg

Steriline Racing has been manufacturing its current design camera/steward tower since 1996. Please see below Steriline Racing steward’s tower and some of the features available.

  • Fully galvanised
  • Specifications to standard AS-4100
  • Integrated hand safety rail system
  • All cabins 1600mm x 1900mm
  • Split level flooring in photo patrol cabin
  • Sliding door for safe convenient access
  • All Steel plate floors
  • All designed to terrain Category 2
  • Designed for wind region A, B or C


  • Height 6, 9 or 12 metres
  • Cyclone specifications available
  • Stewards Cabin with camera pedestal
  • Stewards Cabin without pedestal
  • Stewards Cabin with camera bracket mounted on front ledge
  • Cabin cladding available in the full range of colorbond colours
  • Lockable door for added security
  • Lightning protection equipment available to AS-1768-1991

View from the Steriline Steward's Tower

Image stewards_tower_06.jpg

Image stewards_tower_05.jpg

The safety for all operators going up and down the towers with camera’s is of continuing importance to Steriline Racing. Regular monitoring the opinions of the camera operators is done by communicating with racecourse management and contractors engaged in race day photography Suggestions and comments are taken into consideration by Steriline Racing.

Steriline Racing ... simply superior.