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Greyhound Racing Starting Boxes

When you must have perfect and lure synchronised starts …
That gets the greyhounds all away at exactly the same time, every time ... you need Steriline Racing.

Steriline Racing’s design and manufacture of greyhound starting boxes began with our association with Greyhound Racing New South Wales.

This Australian racing authority, and its engineers, sought help in developing starting boxes that would:

  • Address the occupational health and safety concerns associated with the opening and closing of traditional equipment.
  • Automatically synchronise the lure with the triggering of the boxes.
  • Open quickly and quietly.
  • Contribute to the reliability and safety of starts.

After considerable research, prototypes were developed and extensive industry testing carried out.

Today, over 40 Steriline racing greyhound starting boxes are installed at major locations across New South Wales an South Australia.

greyhound boxes steriline racing greyhound boxes steriline racing
greyhound boxes steriline racing
greyhound boxes steriline racing

Steriline Racing ... simply superior.