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We build strong, ongoing relationships with our clients.

John Fargher – Managing Director AND OWNER

John joined Steriline Racing in 1994 and has been the owner since 2006.

John began riding horses when he was five years old. He is committed to animal welfare and safety and to designing and manufacturing products that are as safe as possible.

John has a wealth of knowledge and experience as an Australian manufacturer and exporter. John was awarded an Australian Export Hero Award from the Export Council of Australia in 2004. He is a member of the National Advisory Council of the Export Council of Australia.

John has an honours degree in geography from Flinders University.

Carly Schmarr – Finance Manager

Carly joined Steriline Racing in 2014. She manages the finance, administration and human resources areas of the company.

Carly has a Diploma of Accounting and is studying for a Bachelor of Accounting.

Denis Jachmann – Engineering Manager

Denis joined Steriline Racing in 1972. He manages research, development, design and testing projects for the company. Denis recently retired in 2017, after 45 years of service with the company.

Ben Burford – Installation and Service Technician

Ben has been working for Steriline Racing for over 10 years. He manages the installation and service of racetrack equipment for our customers in Australia and around the world.